01.18.09 Brickout now just $4.95!

We've had a great year at Delsyd Software, and we believe that in such trying financial times, we should be providing our customers with the best bargains around. So, to kick off the new year, we are lowering the price of Brickout to only $4.95! We also have a couple new projects in the pipeline for 2009 that will be fun and exciting.So, check back for more info soon.


We have just launched our newest application, The Name Dropper. This application lets you create thousands of random names, for any purpose. It's geared towards writers, expectant mothers, and game developers who need help coming up with realistic-sounding names. The Name Dropper can create over 115 million different male names, and over 370 million female names. For more information, click The Name Dropper link on the front page.


We uploaded a much more compact version of the demo,which weighs in at only 10mb. We found an issue with the ogg encoding in the soundtrack, which was making the files abnormally large. We were able to fix this issue on the full version as well, which shrunk its filesize down to 31mb.
Also, a new website is currently in the works. On the new site, you'll find a form that lets you upload your levelsets directly to the site. There will be some other community-related features that we're really excited about. Stay tuned for more information.


Brickout 1.9R4 is now available for download and purchase. Be sure to check out the latest build of the demo, since we've added tons of new features and enhancements since the last release. Also, we've added 50 new levels to the full version of Brickout, as well as 50 new bricks in the level editor. You can grab the demo here. If you create a levelset and want to share it with everyone else, just send an email to as at


Brickout 1.9 is nearing completion. This new version keeps the original game's gameplay intact, while adding in better music, better graphics,a built in music-player, and more levels. The price will stay at $9.95 USD. You can take a look at a teaser screenshot below:
Brickout v1.9 screenshot
Also, we've added online instructions for this version. They can be access here. We anticipate that Brickout v1.9 will be ready within the next week or two. Stay tuned to this website for more details!