Brickout is classic brick-breaking action, but in OpenGL with solid gameplay, improved physics, a full level editor designed to maximize your creativity in level building as well as a host of fun and innovative powerups and gameplay options.A built-in music player lets you listen to your own tunes as you play!

Full Level Editor with full color control and 350 pre-made bricks for inspiration. This is the same editor we use to create the levels in the game.

Level Packs- the ability to build full 25 level sets to save and share with other full version users. You can also email us with your completed level sets, and we'll post them on our website for everyone to enjoy.

Full music player with .m3u playlist support let's you listen to your favorite music while you play. The player can play back your songs in normal or random mode, and all of the functions of the player can be controlled by a multi-button mouse. Keyboard controls are included for players that don't have access to multi-button mice.

22+ Minute Soundtrack created by the gurus at

Power Ups. Other brick breaking games have powerups, but Brickout introduces Fission Ball, Ballsplosion, Earthquake Ball and more

Classic Mode. Play your existing levels in a retro mode that will remind you of the Atari 2600 days. Any level can be played in classic mode, and 25 levels are provided in the full version for this mode.

Windows 98/2000/XP
400mhz PII or higher
256mb ram
Sound card
32mb OpenGL-compliant 3D card
90mb of free storage space

Demo: 11.1M
Full Version: 32.2M

Instruction Manual
Brick-making tutorials coming soon!

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